Sarah RoeThe Produce Gathering was started in August of 2013 by Sara Miller as a way to offer a fresh new experience in produce shopping to the Tulsa Metro area.  Sara grew The Produce Gathering and formed life long friendships with our valued customers.

In October 2014, The Produce Gathering was acquired by Sarah Roe of Sarah’s passion for saving families money and healthy eating is a perfect fit for our mission to feed families fresh produce at reasonable prices.

Sarah has been teaching families how to save money and live well for nearly 10 years via television on News on 6 in Tulsa, syndicated news segments around the country, countless media appearances in print and radio and also on her nationally known website, A few years ago, Sarah transformed her lifestyle after a health crisis. She then became a customer of The Produce Gathering. When the original owner moved, Sarah jumped on the opportunity to operate The Produce Gathering and share her passion for healthy eating with others.

She also loves sharing recipes and encouraging others on their own health journey on The Produce Gathering blog. That’s the beauty of The Produce Gathering, we are all on our own journey and this is a great place to come together and support one another.

The Produce Gathering is centered around a $15 Regular Bushel Basket and a $25 Family Bushel BasSarah Roe, The Produce Gatheringket filled with a variety of fruits and veggies. We often use common-type produce that even the pickiest eater in your family will love, but we are also committed to helping stretch those palates a bit and offering some unique items occasionally.

Each basket contains a mix of conventional, organic and hydroponic produce. If we can purchase the products locally, we do such as our greens from ScissorTail Farms in Tulsa. However, for the items we cannot purchase locally, we do use a local distributor to bring us the best quality produce.

Sarah has partnered with many local farmers to add additional products to our sale including 100% organic meats from John’s Farm, farm fresh eggs from Canyon Ridge Farms, fresh baked bread from Farrell Family Bread and local honey from Roark Acres Honey.

Thank you for joining us at The Produce Gathering, we hope you enjoy our community. Please sign up for our newsletter below to get the latest sale information. If you have any questions, contact us directly at

See you at the sale!