Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the frequently asked questions page! These questions were compiled from a recent survey of The Produce Gathering customers. If you have any other questions, please e-mail us at

What is The Produce Gathering? 

The Produce Gathering is a food cooperative meaning, we are a group of healthy minded individuals and families joining together to share in seasonal produce and unique complements. Our produce is bought in bulk based upon the number of orders and divided equally amongst the participants. We only purchase in season produce that is readily available therefore, we do not always know what will be in our baskets.

Is the produce organic? Is it local? 

Our regular basket and family basket are filled with conventional produce using a local distributor, this is because many fruits and veggies are not available in large quantities here in Oklahoma. During the growing season, we do use local apples and other fruits and veggies as they are available. We do use local greens from ScissorTail Farms and Sage Farms in Tulsa, Oklahoma all year around.

In the near future we will be offering an organic basket of produce, it will be clearly labeled in the description and title. All of our organic complements are also clearly labeled in the online store as organic. If it is not mentioned, it is a conventional product.

Any and all local items will also be described as local and mention the farm of which it comes from clearly in the description of the item in our online sale.

Currently, we offer items from ScissorTail Farms, Canyon Ridge Farms, John’s Farm, Livesay Farm, Farrell Family Bread and Roark Acres Honey.

Why can’t I choose the produce in my basket? 

Produce prices change at least once a week due mainly to weather conditions, fires, etc. We do not know until the week of, what the prices will be and they can vary tremendously. For example, one week, a bag of grapes could cost $6 and the next week it might cost $3. If we don’t order on the right week, a good portion of your $15 basket will be grapes.

For that reason, we wait until the published availability comes out and then we order the produce. This is done simply so we can bring you the best in season produce at the best prices. We do not have the ability to customize produce orders individually, we leave that to the grocery stores.

What if I don’t like what is in my basket? 

That’s the beauty of the community! You may trade with one another, interact with one another, put down the phone and become friends! Again, we are searching for the best in season produce at the best prices and that might mean there is something in your basket you don’t enjoy. Stop, look around and ask if someone would like to trade with you.  Enjoy the community!

What if my produce is a little dirty?

YAY! Your produce is real food, it was grown in the dirt, on a bush or a tree and is coming to us many times, in real and very fresh condition. Dirt is natural as the food we sell is natural.

We do try to inspect every piece of produce before it is distributed however, we are human as are our volunteers and we all will miss a few. If you find produce that is not in the best condition, please see one of us immediately and we will trade with you. If the problem arises after you have left our pick up site, please contact us at

I like the produce but, I don’t know how to cook with it? 

This is the best part about our community, we are here to help you discover new and amazing foods. Visit our Pinterest boards for a constant stream of recipes, check out our updated blog with new recipes each week and be sure to post on our Facebook page and ask for new ideas or contribute your own!

How do I order?

Orders can be placed via online sale only, every other week beginning Sunday 7pm-Tuesday 7pm.

Can I be notified of the sale?

Yes! Sign up for our newsletter to be updated when the sales begin and our latest recipes.

Can I pay for my basket at pick up?

Payment and orders are accepted online only. All major credit cards are accepted as well as Paypal. Baskets must be purchased in advance and paid for at the time of ordering.

We do offer an extras table at the sale that will occasionally have an extra basket or two however, that table features items not found in our basket as well as local items and meat products.

When and where do I pick up my items?

Our pick up time is 8-9am on the Saturday following the online sale. The pick up location is in the gymnasium of Legacy Christian Academy at 1201 N. Elm in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Why aren’t there other pick up times available?

If you’ve been involved in other co-ops, you’ll likely see late trucks, last minute changes to pick up times and sometimes orders being cancelled all together. This is due to the distribution system of the trucks of produce. This means, in order for us to ensure specific pick up time at all, we have to have the first delivery truck out of the distribution center which occurs at 6am.

We cannot store or keep your items, we are simply a pick up location so, the produce and other products need to be setup and out the door in a very short amount of time less we become a grocery store instead of a co-op. We also do not own the gym we use so we have to be out of there as soon as possible for other people to use the gym.

What happens if I can’t pick up my items?

We literally order what is paid for and ordered online. We are not a store and cannot hold items past the pick up time. Therefore, your order is your promise to pick up your items. You may send a friend to get your items if you are unavailable. If an emergency occurs, please contact us directly at Sleeping in is not an emergency situation, please set your alarm to remind you to pick up your items.

All leftover items are donated, you may use your receipt as a tax receipt for the donation.

Where are the leftover items donated? 

We are partners with John 3:16 mission in downtown Tulsa.


What other ways do you help the community? 

We are passionate about providing families with healthy, affordable foods. With each basket purchased, a share of produce is donated directly to John 3:16 Mission. Also, we have a basket setup at the sale, you are more than welcome to donate any produce you will not use from your own baskets.

After each sale, cases of produce as well as all leftover items are given to John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We believe every single person should have access to healthy foods.

What is the $1.50 processing fee? 

The processing fee literally covers the processing fee for your credit card via our online ordering system.

How can I support The Produce Gathering? 

Volunteer! Our pick up location is run by volunteers, most of which are related. Again, volunteers keep our money going towards produce and equal better options for you. Volunteers arrive around 6:45am on Saturday morning and do all sorts of things from unloading the trucks, sorting the baskets, assembling the complements, checking in members, helping load bags for members, etc. We need volunteers just like you, that is what our community is all about!

Still have questions, please e-mail us directly at